Caroline Power is an international photographer who has been featured on Blue Planet, Guy Harvey and much more, living in Roatan. The country of Honduras used one of her photographs on one  postal stamps . All the income she gets goes towards reef conservation to Roatan Marine Park.

Pictures by Caroline Power

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Four days, five different encounters with whales and sailing sharks.

Pictures by Caroline Power 








Today is the National Day of the Coral Reef!!! We love to spread the word about the world’s significant coral reef structure. Here are some pictures of Cordelia Banks or best known by “Jewel of the Caribbean” .

Pictures by Roatan Marine Park








Video from Caroline Power with over 300 million views. Because of this video , it inspired the Honduran government to take plastic problems seriously and since then have enforced legislation against the use of single-use plastics and will remove plastics from the Bay Island by 2021.





For commercial establishments and property owners such as restaurants, hotels, bars ect. as for NOVEMBER 8, 2019 it is forbidden to sell and distribute plastic packaged beverages!


FAREWELL WINTER! Or at least for a week , it’s the time of the season, when our good friends from Canada (Sunwing & Westjet) come to enjoy the beauty of Roatan’s paradise .

We welcome our fellow Westjet friends on Sunday December 15,2019 and our fellow Sunwing friends on Monday December 16,2019.








The whale shark , the largest known fish species is a slow moving filter feeding shark . The largest individual was 41.50 ft in length and over 47,000 lbs in weight, typical sizes vary from 20 ft to 35 ft around Roatan.

These sharks feed on plankton and small fish and migrate to areas where is plenty of these food.

Although more frequently observed in the months March-April and August – September, for several weeks November- January , whale sharks were regularly seen around Roatan.








I’m on the board of Director for Roatan Animal Services (RAS) and I’m very involved as a rescue and animal activist in the community, every day our rescue pets are very thankful to you for adopting them, buying them food, for those you helped rescue and for those who are alive because of you.










Three reasons to go to Honduras:

  1.  A regional privilege: 4 international airports on the Atlantic & Pacific ocean offering air access and ports.
  2. Special tourist attractions: beautiful beaches, crystal clear Caribbean seas, western hemispheres largest barrier, Mayan archaeological sites and colonial towns.
  3.  Venus facilities: Accredited convention center, conference halls, hotels all fitted with high-tech and meeting planners,










The IX National Tourism Congress was an event that brought together important multisectoral actors from Honduras, with renowned international professionals across four main themes: agrotourism, tourism conferences, product destination and sustainability.

The nominees for the institutional category are: Hotels Agualpa del Lago de Yojoa, a tourist project that offers an artistic, cultural and ecological experience that is emblematic of the dome’s shape;Tourist Investments of Honduras  (Inturh) in Copán Ruinas is a three generation family venture that aims to diversify the emblematic products of the destination of Copán Ruinas, and the other award is Infinity Bay Spa & Resort Roatans, one of the most popular tourist resorts on the island of Roatán, known worldwide for its value, visibility and climate.