It is easier than you think to become a homeowner on Roatan. To find your dream home, just follow these simple steps.

  1. You have to start by explaining what your ideal option look like when you buy a property, go into detail as possible so that we have a better opportunity to match your vision with reality.
  2.  You need to go and see the property options for yourself , see what the entire neighborhood looks like in this particular property and what life would be like.
  3. You can purchase up to 0.72 acres in your own name, if you want to purchase property beyond that area, or if you want to purchase multiple properties you have to do so on behalf of an Honduran corporation which can easily be formed by your lawyer.
  4.  The offer on the property is then drawn up in the form of a sales contract.
  5. When accepted:
    1. Deposit 10% of earnest money
    2. Establish termos, conditions and contigencies
    3. Setting a closing date
  6. Closing date